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On measure development

Our technical and developer team based in Marseille (France) is at your disposal for:

  • Integrate third applications: You have a professional and specific application, interactive or not, that you want to diplay and broadcast in your digital signage dynamic campaigns
  • On measure application development: You would like to develop a special application, interactive or not, that you want de broadcast to your user, customer or collaborators within your dynamic campaigns broadcast around a display devices network.
  • IoT Development: You would like to create interactions with connected objects and make your digital campaigns interactives.
Image service de développement sur mesure pour la solution de gestion d'affichages dynamiques DISIGN

Online support

Disign SignDesk is an online service accessible to users who need support and help. This service provides users a direct access to our technical and designer teams who are Disign expert users specially trained to assist users remotely.

Image service de support en ligne pour la solution de gestion d'affichages dynamiques DISIGN

Graphic creations, Videos & Animations

To animate and dynamize your digital signage campaigns with rich, modern and fascinating contents, Disign and our partners are at your disposal. We count among them graphists, animators 2D/3D, promotional movie production teams to make your campaigns always more attractive and immersive.

Image service de créations graphiques, production de vidéos pour la solution de gestion d'affichages dynamiques DISIGN

Technical support for developers

For compagnies and developers who have special needs and wish embed, develop and share a special or third party application within their digital signage campaigns, our technical team is at your disposal to offer a complete assistance and support all along your project to make your application integration easier and faster.

Image service de support technique aux développeurs pour la solution de gestion d'affichages dynamiques DISIGN

Integration audit and advice

As a cloud native digital signage solution, Disign is developed with integration made easy in mind. However compagnies may have special network architecures and security requirements. Our technical team supports companies in the integration of our Disign solution in their I.T. infrastructure.

Image audit et conseils pour intégration de la solution de gestion d'affichages dynamiques DISIGN

Material audit and advice

Disign is designed to be compliant with most of the display devices. From single screen to multiple interactive kiosk and video walls, Disign is ready to go. However for companies who want to design their own display device for special usage with special hardware or peripheral devices, our Disign audiovisual expert team helps you to develop and test your device to make it the most performant and reliable as possible.

Image conseil et audit matériel pour la solution de gestion d'affichages dynamiques DISIGN


As a professional digital signage solution Disign is developed with very powerful maintenance services. In combination with our operating system Disign OS, our services Disign Madone ensure a complete and reliable solution for real time monitoring and remote maintenance access on players devices to proceed diagnostics and maintenance actions.

Image service de maintenance à distance pour la solution de gestion d'affichages dynamiques DISIGN


Usage and activities covered by Disign are countless. So, we provide a large panel of courses who can be adapted to participants for companies with special activity profiles.

User's courses

  • Create and edit digital signage campaigns with Disign.
  • Create advanced animations, dynamic contents and manage data within Disign.
  • Create interactives campaigns like touch applications
  • Manage your display device network efficiently.

Developer's courses

  • Embed and develop applications with Disign SDK.

Partner's courses

  • Learn how to use your Disign Partner univers
  • Improve you technical sales team skills
  • Learn how to test and remotely your devices.
  • Learn our to install different kind of display devices and configure Disign on them.
  • Learn how to use Disign Adooh for advertising.
Image formations à l'utilisation et au développement sur la solution de gestion d'affichages dynamiques DISIGN

Logo Disign

With Disign, broadcast what you want, when you want and where you want!

Disign is a Cloud dynamic display digital signage solution designed by IPsylone SARL.

Disign the digital signage solution made in France

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