Politique de confidentialité
au sein de l'application DISIGN


DISIGN application is a professional Digital Signage application for professional use only.
DISIGN application has vocation to broadcast and display digital and media contents on digital signage equipments like indoor and outdoor screens, wall of screens and interactive kiosk. It is accessible from the domain https://app.disign.tv.
DISIGN applications are edited and owned by IPsylone SARL.
DISIGN Player is an application installed on mini PCs connected to digital signage equipments. It is in charge to get a digital signage campaign created by an Authorized Users on DISIGN Application and renders (displays) it on screens (or other digital signage equipements).
Authorized Users: Every Company with at minimal one user account on DISIGN application and authorized by IPsylone.

DISIGN Application Summary

From users, DISIGN application makes possible to create playlists of digital contents from media they upload, internal and external data from services they setup, or create animated contents; that they organize as campaign and schedule to be broadcasted on a digital signage display networks. 

Data collected and processing details

The collected data are only for the purpose and the need of the application and are not shared with third parties, partners and are not subject to marketing purpose.
IPsylone collects Customers data at the order time by a paper quotation document signed by the Customer. Data collected below deserve orders, invoicing and payments information, such as:

  • Professional or Company email of at least one user for the DISIGN application,
  • At least a username associated with the Company email used to create the user account on DISIGN Application
  • Company address,
  • Company ID (SIREN for France, IDE for Switzerland),
  • VAT ID (for European companies)
  • Company IBAN for monthly fees with a direct debit authorization, dated, signed and approved by the representant of the company who fill the order.

Data listed above are collected by our sale team at the order by phone or during an appointment. Data are saved in our internal ERP (not accessible from the internet) and only for legals obligations. Signed orders, IBANs, and direct debit authorizations are preserved on paper at our headquarter. They are not saved either processed in our DISIGN application. Company name, ID and invoices data are kept for legals obligations. But for every other collected data listed above, the user can request their destruction and deletion contacting us by email at contact[at]ipsylone[dot]com (replace '[at]' by '@' and '[dot]' by '.')

Only the professional email address is required to get access to the DISIGN application. The professional email address of the user forms the only personal data kept in DISIGN application and is required for application access and application usage purpose only.
As software editor and for improve DISIGN application, processing application usage is necessary for the purpose of legitimate interests, so long as fundamental rights and freedoms aren't infringed.

DISIGN application may require some third parties credentials information to connect and access to external contents that a company user would like to broadcast on its display network. These informations are most often only required for authentication purpose on these third party services and are requested just for a READ usage. DISIGN application does not publish or modify any data on third party services. For those services, collected data are just transferred via our application to be broadcasted to the customer's screen network in ordered to be displayed.
Depending the third party service, credentials information may be collected by DISIGN application for the application purpose only. They are just required to authenticate the user on a third party service and allows DISIGN application to get access data on these platforms.
Data accessed from theses services are kept private along DISIGN network and hosting infrastructure. They are not shared to other companies but can be saved temporarily on our network depending on the user campaign’s setup. The user can remove and delete them when he wants from his account user on DISIGN application or if he deletes his DISIGN user account. 
However, by using our DISIGN application, the user is conscient that the data he enters, or the data collected from third party platforms have vocation to be displayed publicly on screens, interactive kiosks and totems as his own risks. DISIGN application is not responsible of data entered by the user and displayed on his screen network. Credentials are kept private and safely saved on DISIGN application in the DISIGN hosting infrastructure. DISIGN does not display and broadcast data from third party services on digital signage display network by itself. To be displayed, collected data must be scheduled by the user himself on a digital signage campaign he creates on DISIGN application. So, the Customer user is the only responsible of data and contents he broadcasts and displays on his digital signage display network. The authorization to collect these third parties data are given by the user to DISIGN application in compliance with third parties authorization and permission grant processes. After the authentication process on the third party service, a permission list is displayed and submitted to the user approbation. The user can give DISIGN Application authorization by clicking on a “Ok” button.
So, by publishing digital signage campaigns on DISIGN application the user accepts that DISIGN application broadcasts and displays all the data he added to their digital signage campaigns on his digital signage display networks.
As a reminder, DISIGN may collect data and credentials from third services for digital signage purpose only and with the user approbation. Data collected may be saved temporarily on the DISIGN hosting infrastructure the time configured by the user himself on DISIGN application, for the campaign duration or until the user deletes data himself from his account page or delete his DISIGN account.
At this time a DISIGN Authorized User can embed in his digital signage campaigns, third parties external data from his:

  • Facebook & Instagram Accounts
  • Google Drive and Google SpreadSheet Accounts
  • Twitter Accounts
  •  Dropbox Accounts

To get access data from these platforms, DISIGN application may require the user to enter its credentials informations for authentication purpose only to get a Unique Authorization Token as response from the third parties services. For these platforms credentials are not saved on DISIGN applicaton. Only the Unique Authorization Tokens returned by theses platforms are saved on DISIGN application and are preserved private. DISIGN may require the approbation of the user for an automatic refresh of these tokens depending the service to keep data displayed on his digital signage display network up to date.

DISIGN Authorizes Users can choose to display data from other external services such as private databases or private dataflows. For this usage, DISIGN application may require credentials to get access to these external services.
Depending on the services, these credentials may be saved, if required, and preserved private on DISIGN application. But the DISIGN application will never share or process these data with other parties or display these plain data on screens by itself. A message is also displayed to the user during the service setup as a reminder about the credentials and data collect usage. Credentials are collected and saved on DISIGN application until the user deletes or remove the service from the DISIGN application. As an Authorized User, the customer is the only responsible of the data he displays on its display network by setup and  placing these data in the campaign editor of our DISIGN application.

Analytics / Tracking

DISIGN application is served from the domain app.disign.tv. It does not use GPS and localization information neither analytics usage information like Google Analytics. DISIGN application process analytics only about application usage for legitimates interests about application and user experience improvements.

Data Protection Officer

To communicate with our Data Protection Officer, please email contact[at]ipsylone[dot]com (replace '[at]' by '@' and '[dot]' by '.').

Data Controller and Processor

Data protection law varies from jurisdiction and make a difference between the “Controller” and “Processor”.
In general, Customer is the controller of its Customer data and IPsylone is the processor of the Customer Data and the controller of Other Information.
IPsylone is the software editor and the owner of the DISIGN application. It is based in Marseille (France). IPsylone is the controller of Other Information and a processor of Customer Data relating to Authorized Users who uses the DISIGN application established all over the world.

DPO Contact Information

Our Data Protection Officer
180, Avenue du Prado
+33 (0) 4 91 900 979

Automated Decision making on Collected Data

We does not use automated decision making in processing Authorized Users personal data in our DISIGN application service.

Data Transfer

IPsylone and DISIGN application does not process personal data transfers from users outside of our DISIGN application. These data are kept safe on our DISIGN application hosting infrastructure.
Only digital data and contents, provided by Authorized Users for their digital signage campaign’s may be transferred and broadcast to others countries but are not subject to be processed by third party data processors. The strict purpose of these transfers are for Digital Signage campaign’s display on Digital Signage equipment networks composed by one to many screens. The Authorized User is the only responsible of the digital equipment (and its location) he choose to use for displaying his digital signage Campaign’s. The only responsibility of the DISIGN application is to render digital signage campaign’s on end point screens as Authorized Users set up them in DISIGN Application. Equipments who display data or collect them from the DISIGN Player application are the only responsibility of Authorized User. In general Data rendered by DISIGN Player application and their usage are the responsibility of Authorized Users.
By using our DISIGN Application you consent to this data transfer and ensures to use the applications DISIGN Application and DISIGN Player on compatible digital media in the respect and the vocation of the DISIGN application usage.

Access, Change or Modify your Personal Information

Accessing DISIGN TV application and clicking on the ‘My Account’ link, Authorized Users can access to all its personal data stored by our DISIGN application in their totality and as they are kept
As an Authorized User, DISIGN application provides you the opportunity to review, correct, or update your account information from the ‘My Account’ page.
You can also contact us by phone: +33 (0) 4 91 900 979
Or by mail the the following postal address:
IPsylone SARL
180, Avenue du Prado

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With Disign, broadcast what you want, when you want and where you want!

Disign is a Cloud dynamic display digital signage solution designed by IPsylone SARL.

Disign the digital signage solution made in France

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