Real estate agencies

Display Classified + Touch application

Disign REA is an application we developed specially for real estate agencies. This application synchronize real estate properties to display them on display devices. Available as a touch application too, this application offers an immersive user experience with virtual tours, search engine, etc... It is an ideal solution for presenting properties in agency.

See Disign REA in action
Image d'une agence immobilière avec application de gestion d'affichages dynamiques et d'affichages d'annonces DISIGN

Automotive dealers

Models presentation + Application tactile

Dynamic displays are an ideal solution for dealers who wants to animate their point of sales and present all their models in action. Disign is perfectly adapted for an efficient digital signage communication in automotive points of sales. You manage your content easily and deploy them on each display devices you have in your store.


Displays menus with automatic updates

Display your menus easily. We provide many models and scenes you can use directly. Update your today's special, your prices or your menus without modifying your campaign with Disign and its dynamic data management system. Choosing Disign you don't need any other software.

Image Restaurant avec application de gestion d'affichages dynamiques DISIGN

Press offices


As a local service, press officies are real storefront with a massive daily traffic who provides many articles and services. Digital signage application is a very good solution to increase your products and services visibility like your last magazines, books and furnitures.

Image Presses avec application de gestion d'affichages dynamiques DISIGN

Public buildings

Information, Signage + Applications tactiles

Digital signage is more and more implanted in publics institutions and buildings. Dynamic displays are a low cost and very good solution to inform visitors and move them towards different services. Disign is fully compliant and conform with theses features.

Image Accueil institution avec application de gestion d'affichages dynamiques DISIGN

Industries / Manufactories

Production Data, Wallboards

Thanks to its dynamic data managment Disign is perfectly adapted to display any data and information of any kind on production line, warehouses and control rooms with charts, progress bars, signage, etc...

Image Hangar industriel avec application de gestion d'affichages dynamiques DISIGN


Display informal messages / Internal applications

Digital signage takes more and more place in companies for many reasons like information, signage, brand image enhancing, technological and connected aspect, and now ecological aspect. Communication have to be dispatched faster and cheaper. There is no better solution than digital signage to comply all theses needs. Disign offers your company to broadcast digital communication instantly, with up to date data and contents for all your establishments and points of sales.

Image Mur vidéo Accueil siège commercial avec application de gestion d'affichages dynamiques DISIGN


Informal and partner messages, signage + booking

Disign can be used for many usage, whether to display informal messages, broadcast promotional messages from tourism partners or offer a booking application. With Disign you can display want you want.

Image Accueil Hôtel avec application de gestion d'affichages dynamiques DISIGN

Tourist Offices

Promotionnal messages + touch application

Disign improve information broadcast. It offers the way to broadcast information more faster with efficiency and better cibling. Cheaper and more ecological than print solutions, Disign provides to Tourist Offices an ideal solution to inform visitors about local tourist activities.

Image Office du tourisme avec application de gestion d'affichages dynamiques DISIGN

Museums and toutistic sites

Dynamic displays and interactive kiosk

Disign is perfectly suited for museums and touristic sites. Inform your visitors about expositions, works of arts easily. You can embed audio descriptions in your campaign to describe presentations. Ideal for interactive kiosk you can embed touch applications too and purpose them to your visitors .

Image Musée avec application de gestion d'affichages dynamiques DISIGN

Pharmacies and health spaces

Informal and promotional messages + touch application

Disign offers to pharmacies a good and easy way to display their care products. Display a catalog as a touch application to purpose to your visitors products that are not exposed in your pharmacy. Animate your pharmacy with promotionnal messages from your partners.

Image Pharmacie avec application de gestion d'affichages dynamiques DISIGN


Promotional messages + Touch application

Display your catalog glasses, new collections and specials offers easily with Disign. You can create a touch application too to purpose all the models that are not exposed in your store.

Image Opticien avec application de gestion d'affichages dynamiques DISIGN

Stations and airports

Timetables, promotional + Touch application

Essential for several decades, digital signage solutions are present in station and airports to display timetables and information about flights and trains, alert messages or promotionnal messages. We also find very widely dynamic displays in their shopping malls. Disign is already capable to display timetables without any thrid party applications. Its main strength based on dynamic data display makes it an ideal solution.

Image Aéroport et Gare avec application de gestion d'affichages dynamiques DISIGN

Shops and Stores

Put your products and discounts forward

Animate your shops and store with our innovative digital signage solution Disign. Display your last collections, your special offers and discounts. Stand out your store with innovative animations, attract visitors with an image of modernity.

Image Magasin de vêtement, commerce, avec application de gestion d'affichages dynamiques DISIGN

Shop malls

Stand out shops + deliver interactive services

As evidence Disign is made for Shop malls. You can use Disign on any type of display device. Display messages for shops and customer services present in the mall. Provide interactive services on touch devices, etc...

Image d'une galerie marchande avec application de gestion d'affichages dynamiques DISIGN

Logo Disign

With Disign, broadcast what you want, when you want and where you want!

Disign is a Cloud dynamic display digital signage solution designed by IPsylone SARL.

Disign the digital signage solution made in France

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