Digital signage for Fitness, Leisure & Culture

Increase visual impact and boost your activity for your Gyms

Optimize communication with members, broadcast promotions, display class schedules and motivate engagement for an enriched and interactive sports experience.

Digital signage for Fitness, Leisure & Culture

Communication and promotions

Instant information

Broadcast real-time class schedules, schedule changes, and special events to keep your members informed.

Dynamic promotions

Display special offers, subscription discounts, and product promotions to boost sales.

Interactive engagement

Use touchscreen displays to allow members to interact with content, sign up for classes, or leave feedback.

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Engagement and motivation of members

Digital Signage with Disign allows you to broadcast high-quality videos, images, and animations to showcase your products and services

Visual motivation

Broadcast inspiring videos of workout sessions, member successes, and transformation stories to encourage motivation and perseverance.

Immersive experience

Create a dynamic and energizing atmosphere by streaming music, motivational videos, and stimulating visual effects.

Social networking

Integrate live social media feeds to encourage members to share their successes, engage with your brand, and connect with each other.

The digital signage software to engage customers.
Targeted communication

Advanced and personalized communication

With Disign easily control content on all your screens, then publish them with your own strategy.

Targeted advertising

Customize content to target the specific needs and interests of your members, such as special workout sessions for beginners or advanced athletes.


Display partnerships with local businesses for exclusive deals on complementary products and services, such as healthy restaurants or sportswear stores.

Member retention

Enhance the overall member experience by providing easy access to the information and resources they need to succeed in their fitness journey.

Activity Management and Planning

Centralized Management

Easily control the content displayed on all screens in your gym from a single interface, making updates and management easier.

Easy Navigation

Use interactive maps to guide members to different areas of your gym, such as locker rooms, showers, and equipment.

Queue Management

Display wait times for equipment and classes to help members efficiently plan their workout sessions.

Flexible Planning

Customize class and training schedules based on seasons, holidays, and special events to meet the changing needs of your members.

The digital signage software to manage a fleet of screens.
Digital signage Increase your visibility

Boost your visibility

Increased visibility

Use strategically placed screens in your gym to draw attention to key areas, promotions, and upcoming events.

Variety of content broadcast

Switch between workout videos, nutrition tips, member announcements, and industry news to maintain interest and engagement.

Reduction of paper printing

Replace traditional signage and printed brochures with digital screens to reduce costs and environmental footprint.

Your image is important

Brand image and return on investment

By using a digital signage solution, you can transform the experience of your members, strengthen your brand, and drive growth for your gym.

Enhanced security

Display safety messages, cleaning protocols, and emergency instructions to ensure the safety of your members and staff.

Enhanced brand image

Create a modern and professional atmosphere that enhances the perception of your gym as a premium fitness destination.

Profitable investment

With increased member retention, higher sales, and efficient operations management, a digital signage solution provides a significant long-term return on investment.