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Disign is a extraordinary base application capable of meeting ultra specific needs. A tool that is both powerful and ultra-efficient for managing digital signage campaigns on dynamic displays. A solid and complete foundation you can count on and rely on to add your own services, integrate your own applications and all your added value to offer them to your customers or gain new ones.

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Who is our partner program for ?

Disign is the ideal solution for any company that whishes to expand its target customers with new services, offering new digital signage services and plateforms, while relying on its own skills and know-how.

Audiovisual sellers and integrators

Do you sell and install audiovisual equipement based on display devices ? Offer Disign to your custormers! And take advantage of a solution that is easy to install as it is to implement.

Software editors

Keep you concentration on the business aspect of your applications and use Disign to distribute them within a combined and complete solution for managing digital signage dynamic display campaigns.

Advertising agencies

Take advantages of Disign Adooh, an application designed for advertising agencies entirely built to ease promotional messages and advertising campaigns broadcasting on display networks.

Global communication agencies

Offer recurring services to retain your customers and provide a continuously service of rich contents and animations for their sales and public spaces, their punctually events and shows with ease.

Why choose "Disign" ?

Thanks to ifs advanced features Disign is your best ally to succeed in digital signage and communication market whose annual growth is almost 20%.

Stand out

Disign is an absolutely unique application on the market. The possibilities offered by our solution will allow you to stand out from the competition.

Improve your conversion rate

Thanks to its unique features on the market, its ease of implementation and its controlled cost, you will significantly increase your lead-to-customer conversion rate.

Increase productivity

Disign is designed to simply meet many complex needs. Many requirements can be met without any extra softawre and development. You can free up time resources and costs to devote them to finding new customers.

Increase efficiency

The relevance of Disign's features makes many developments superfluous. You meet the needs of your customers instantly and inexpensively, thus enhancing your efficiency while increasing their loyalty.

Build customer loyalty

Disign allows you to satisfy many customers needs at low cost; thus creating a climate of trust and ensurance for a future rich in collaboration and various services.

Add your own services

Digital communication covers a large number of professions. Marketing or advertising design offices, including graphic designers, developers, photo / video / 3D studios... Disign is made for you whatever your job.

Embed and share your own applications

Your company of your customer wants to distribute an application on a dynamic display network as part of a digital signage campaign ? You are in the right place, it's one of the easiest things to do with Disign.

Outsource and save time

By relying on the Disign solution, you can fully focus on you main activity by outsourcing everything that can be time-consuming and that already exists to save time and be more efficient.

Experts at your service

Our main job is to develop the best digital signage application of the future. Our developers and technical experts are at your disposal for any support, advice and assistance to make the Disign application the best choice and solution for your requirements, your customers.

Save money

Disign is developed on the basis of the golden rule in IT: "Do not reinvent the wheel!". By associating Disign with your services or applications you will save on development costs while taking full advantages of a performant and scalable solution.

Image of Disign Partner program to adhere  distribution program of the digital signage and dynamic display management solution Disign

Want to know more ?

You want to get started on the digital communication market and you are looking for an innovative digital signage dynamic display management solution, Disign is made for you !

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With Disign, broadcast what you want, when you want and where you want!

Disign is a Cloud dynamic display digital signage solution designed by IPsylone SARL.

Disign the digital signage solution made in France

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