Manage and broadcast your digital signage on your screens

Disign is an all-in-one digital signage solution for creating and scheduling your content on your screens. You manage your screens very easily in a centralized, efficient, and highly customizable way.

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Remembering digital signage

We remember more visually than by listening or reading.


Additional turnover

From 8% up to 33% depending on the stores with digital signage


Memory of an animated digital signage

And up to 30 days. Compared to 44% for static signage.


Wishing to accelerate their digitization

Digital signage is simpler, more attractive and faster to implement and less expensive

Create and publish easily your content

Disign provides a simple and effective solution for digital signage for centralized management of your communication, whether you have a single screen or hundreds.

Manage digital signage efficiently

Simple and intuitiveOur Disign Studio application is used totally naturally from any computer and with unlimited access.Controlled costsChoosing Disign means no license costs, no servers, no update fees. You only pay for the screens you use.Player managementDisign Studio allows you to easily control your players remotely to maintain total control of your screen network.

What makes us special

Our modern digital signage solution offers an intuitive interface, advanced customization, real-time analytics, and full support.

Intuitive user interface

A user-friendly interface makes content creation and management easy for users of all levels.

Content flexibility

Disign allows for a wide variety of content types, from images and videos to real-time social media feeds, enabling dynamic and engaging communication.

Centralized management

The ability to manage all screens and content from a single platform simplifies management and ensures consistency across all locations.

Advanced customization

Advanced customization options allow users to create unique experiences tailored to their specific needs.

Smart scheduling

Advanced scheduling features enable content to be delivered at the right time and place, maximizing its impact.

Seamless integration

Our solution offers seamless integration with other systems and software, providing a consistent and smooth user experience.

The possibilities are endless
with a wide range of features

Leverage the power of your digital signage for your communication with Disign applications.

Many features are available out-of-the-box

Disign is compatible with all screens

Disign is compatible with many external players such as Disign OS based on Raspberry Pi, BrightSign, or any Android hardware. Our solution also supports the technologies embedded in Samsung, LG, and Android TV screens.

Get started quickly to broadcast on your screens

Digital signage with Disign is very easy, and our solution allows you to quickly start scheduling your content on your screens, kiosks, and totems.

1. Create your campaign from the Disign Studio

You manage your content and all Disign applications in scenarios. This is presented in the form of a playlist which is very easy to use.

2. Create a Disign player

A Disign player is the projection of physical hardware (screens or external players) in the Disign studio. To create one, it's very easy! Just give it a name and assign your campaign to it.

3. Associate your Disign player with hardware

Last step: The association. A code appears on the screen, you just have to enter it on the Disign player in the Studio. And voilà, you fully manage the digital signage on the screen!

The advantages of Disign

Enjoy an innovative, high-performance and ultra-high availability application and broadcast what you want, where you want, and when you want. With Disign Studio, unleash your creativity and manage your screen network remotely with ease.

Effortless scalability

With our solution, you can easily expand your digital signage network as your needs change, without compromising quality or performance.

Task automation

Disign automates many tedious tasks such as content scheduling, playlist management, and software updates, allowing you to save time and focus on more important tasks.

Cloud connectivity

En tirant parti du cloud computing, notre solution offre une connectivité instantanée et une accessibilité depuis n'importe quel appareil connecté à Internet, offrant une flexibilité maximale et une disponibilité continue.


Disign intègre des fonctionnalités d'économie d'énergie et de gestion durable des ressources, contribuant ainsi à réduire l'empreinte environnementale et à promouvoir la responsabilité sociale des entreprises.

Dedicated customer support

Un service client réactif et dédié est disponible pour vous aider à chaque étape du processus, de la configuration initiale à la résolution des problèmes et au-delà.

All levels

Notre logiciel est conçu avec une interface intuitive, des fonctionnalités flexibles et un support complet, pour répondre aux besoins de tous les niveaux de compétence utilisateur.

" I am impressed by the flexibility of this software. It adapts perfectly to our changing needs and allows us to broadcast our message effectively. "


Pedicure, Podiatrist

" We have tested several digital signage solutions, but this one really stands out. The ease of use and the quality of customer support are exceptional. "


Press, bookshop

" Using this software has transformed the way we communicate with our customers. The intuitive interface and advanced features have really improved our visibility. "



Are you looking to use Disign?

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