Players for digital signage

Stream on your favorite screens with Disign players

The player allows you to stream the Disign application on your digital signage screens. Disign is compatible with integrated technologies in partnership with several manufacturers. For other types of screens such as LED screens or projectors, physical players are used.

Disign digital signage players
Disign players digital signage

Players deliver all the power of Disign on your screens.

The Disign application is compatible with many player solutions, offering simple and fast deployment without being limited to a specific brand or model.

All screens, including projectors and LED walls, can work with Disign. The Disign solution can also be used on the latest screen models integrating Android, Samsung Tizen, and WebOS LG technologies, thus leveraging the internal power of the screen. The player becomes the screen itself.

  • Compatible with all screens
  • For all budgets

Supported Players
for digital signage

Disign is compatible with many players. Our digital signage solution can thus be broadcast on all types of screens available on the market.

Device logo player digital signage

Web browser

Use the Chrome/Edge browser to quickly start and test Disign. There is also a Disign Chrome extension to unlock additional features.

Device logo player digital signage

Disign OS

Disign OS is the most optimized player and offers the most features to run Disign on Raspberry Pi.

Device logo player digital signage


Use BrightSign players, the global leader in digital signage players.

Device logo player digital signage


Have an Android device? No problem, run Disign on a tablet or any Android TV using the Google Play Store.

Device logo player digital signage

Tizen OS

You can utilize the built-in technologies of Samsung screens with their SSSP Tizen digital signage system.

Device logo player digital signage


You can utilize the built-in technologies of LG screens with their WebOS digital signage system.

Device logo player digital signage


We also deploy the Disign application on Linux operating systems, allowing for highly customized and advanced installations.

Device logo player digital signage


Disign can also be installed on Windows, which now offers Kiosk mode solutions.

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Editor for digital signage screens

Disign allows you to synchronize multiple screens, each with its own Disign player. Thus, digital signage players can display content that depends on other screens.

For example, in a restaurant, simultaneously display different menus and then trigger distinct videos at the same time. The possibilities are endless!

  • Synchronize your players
  • Create screen walls
Disign players wall digital signage
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