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Disign meets various needs of digital signage, ranging from essential features for effective communication to evolving towards interactivity.

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Our vision

With the increasing digitalization of many sectors, digital signage has become essential for impactful, attractive, and reactive communication. Its evolution requires a quick adaptation to new technologies, an aspect that Disign addresses from its conception.

These technologies are essential for modern communication, aligning with the habits of consumers and employees. Disign thus meets all the needs of all sectors wishing to implement digital signage.

Our vision is that any digital signage solution must meet the fundamentals of media management and advanced content scheduling. But it must also offer rich and responsive content integrating real-time data. Lastly, it must allow for interactivity management and communication between screens.

Digital signage will have an increasingly important impact on point of sale communication and internal communication in all industries.

Digital Signage Fundamentals

Meeting the basic needs of digital signage by providing screen fleet management, multimedia content creation and distribution.

Reactive Data

For modern and dynamic communication, it is crucial to integrate rich and interactive content, even in real-time, so that the signage can adapt to the data.


The use of touchscreens is now very common, and users are accustomed to this form of communication. In some cases, traditional digital signage can be limited as you only see the information if you are there at the right time. Touchscreens give the user the power to quickly access information while enabling traditional communication.


Screens can communicate with each other or receive external events, allowing them to adapt their display based on this new data.

Disign basic campaign digital signage

Basics of digital signage

Easily manage your multimedia file playlists for your digital signage by importing them into Disign. Adapt to all resolutions and types of LCD, LED screens, and sizes.

Schedule the broadcasting of your content for unique or periodic events. For example, display a scenario from Monday to Friday and another one on weekends, and then prioritize a third scenario for the Christmas period. Disign allows you to easily create and remotely broadcast your content on your screen network.

  • Easily create scenarios of your content easily
  • Schedule them to broadcast on your screens

Disign is responsive and facilitates digital signage of data

If you are looking for an efficient digital signage solution that saves you time, you need a data-driven solution. This has many advantages. You design your graphics only once and everything updates automatically.

You can display your product catalog by simply updating the data source (an Excel file, Disign DB...) without modifying your campaign or graphics. This is a huge time saver and productivity booster. Plus, you don't need to train your employees on Disign. To update the screens, they just need to modify the data. And since Disign can also integrate with external tools (Zapier, APIs...), you can update your business software and your screens will be automatically updated.

  • Automated updates
  • Time-saving
  • Employee training and simplified permissions
Disign basic campaign digital signage
Disign touch app digital signage

Designing touch applications with No Code

Disign was designed from the start as a real studio for editing touch applications and digital signage for screens. It offers a smooth transition between a touch application when the screen is in use and digital signage when it is not.

You benefit from the best of both worlds: traditional digital signage combined with the performance of touch and interactive applications from Disign. Disign adapts to all development cases. Most features can be achieved with "No Code", or for specific needs with "Low Code" development. For more complex projects, Disign provides an SDK to developers to access all features.

Our responsive team is here to help you with your project.

  • Digital signage coexists with touch applications
  • Development with "No Code" or "Low Code"
  • SDK for developers for big projects

Digital signage connected

Digital signage with Disign is open and offers a range of tools to communicate with business applications. As we have seen, the power of digital signage with dynamic data simplifies work and reduces the necessary resources.


Static and dynamic webhook system. Add useful information when a webhook is triggered.


Disign can make HTTP requests to read or send data from a campaign or scene.

Data interface

Create data interfaces without programming to automatically fetch your data.

Data format support

Disign supports CSV, XML, JSON files, etc., for use in your digital signage.

Disign digital signage players

Centralize the management of your screens

If you have multiple screens, it is common for them to be from different brands, sizes, and technologies, or even different generations. Operating systems can also vary (Tizen, webOS, Android, etc.). If your old screens are still working and there has been no technological break, you do not need to buy new screens.

Our Disign player technology can adapt to all types of screens and operating systems used in digital signage.

We offer options suited to all budgets, depending on your needs. Disign integrates perfectly with major screen brands and can adapt to all resolutions, including those of video walls or LED screens that can "disrupt" classic display resolutions.

Disign adapts to all levels

Disign is feature-rich. Our team works every day to optimize them and make them as user-friendly as possible. That's why Disign adapts to your needs: simple tasks are quick to perform, while for more advanced projects, Disign guides you and reveals its features gradually.

Entry level

Getting started with Disign? No problem, you can easily create your content and manage your screens without specific training. Most digital signage features are intuitive with Disign.

Advanced level

Want to use the advanced features of Disign? The documentation, including tutorial videos and step-by-step guides, can help you. We work every day to add additional content to make using Disign easier.

We help you

Finally, if your project is large-scale and you want to deploy it on a large scale, we are here to help. We can guide you and assist you in integrating your tools into Disign. Feel free to contact us.

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