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Manage your screens' digital signage with Disign CMS

Using Disign CMS for digital signage simplifies content management, scheduling, and automation, making it an ideal choice for simple or large-scale deployments.

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Why you
need a CMS

Managing a screen and scheduling content for digital signage is much more complex than you think. That's why Disign CMS takes care of all that complexity for you!

Ease of management

Disign CMS simplifies content management by allowing users to easily create, edit, and schedule content to be displayed on screens, without requiring advanced technical skills.


Disign CMS allows for managing all content from a single centralized interface, making it easier to update and manage screens distributed across different sites or locations.


Disign CMS offers great flexibility in terms of supported content types, such as images, videos, RSS feeds, web widgets, etc., allowing for the creation of dynamic and diverse displays.

Scheduling and automation

CMS allows for scheduling content delivery at specific times, enabling automation of updates and delivery of relevant content based on time, day, or other criteria.

Manage your media very easily

Upload your media files in Disign then use them directly in a campaign. Publish! The media is on your screens.

Avoiding alternatives

Do you think you can manage your communication with a USB key or proprietary screen software? These tools are not suitable for efficient and fast communication on your screens.

Avoid USB keys

Using a USB key even for a screen is not a good idea. By definition, it is very constraining. You have to retrieve the USB key, modify its content, and reinsert it. Often, screens are not easily accessible: in a shop window, at a height...

As it is constraining, you waste time and therefore never do it. Your communication will lose all its effectiveness.

Effective communication for digital signage is communication that is up to date, animated with the right message.

You cannot keep visuals for too long, let alone outdated messages.

Avoid proprietary screen solutions

It's logical but proprietary solutions only work on their own screens, which is a huge obstacle.

Even if you like a brand, it is quite possible that you need another brand. There are many criteria such as screen size, brightness, touch support, or price, that require you to need a different manufacturer.

Moreover, support for these software solutions is non-existent. You cannot ask for help from anyone. There are few to no updates.

Finally, being a closed ecosystem makes it very difficult to work with external business data.

Manage all your screens remotely

Control your screen fleet

You can manage all the screens in your fleet from a single interface, making management easier and allowing for quick and easy updates.


Digital Signage CMS is designed to be scalable, meaning you can easily add new screens to your fleet and expand your network without encountering management issues.

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