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Disign is equipped with features that meet the requirements of digital signage optimally as well as the specific needs of businesses.

Features Disign digital signage CMS and web software

Import and use your favorite media

One of the most used features of digital signage is the integration and playback of your media. In addition, you can import content from platforms such as Canva, PosterMyWall, Pixabay, and Pexels to benefit from a vast library of graphics.

Google drive
One Drive
Plain text
Disign scenarios playlists campaign digital signage

Create your scenarios

For a Digital Signage campaign, you can create multiple schedulable scenarios. A scenario can be seen as a playlist that can include your media, Disign applications, or Disign scenes. You can manage the duration, transitions, and the order of appearance of each element in your scenarios.

  • Create your scenarios easily and quickly
  • Schedule

Broadcast your scenarios with Sequences / Calendar


It is essentially a collection of your scenarios with a specified number of repetitions.


Schedule a unique or recurrent event in a calendar (for example, every weekday from Monday to Friday).

Schedules digital signage on screens
Digital sigange Appliations Disign

+70 Disign applications

There is a wide range of Disign applications that allow you to display third-party applications, retrieve dynamic data, or format and display it.

Ease of use

Add the applications you want to your scenarios and then configure them.

Extensive customization

Several applications may require a scene (a graphic) to determine how to display information, such as the weather for example. Disign provides you with several scenes, but you can also create your own! You have no limits and are not limited to having the same content as everyone else.

Infinite possibilities

Can't find the application you need? Don't worry, thanks to the power of Disign, you can use native features to do everything. For example, an application (News) that doesn't exist? Simply use the RSS application.

Live preview

In Disign, every change is instantly visible. This simplifies the process because you don't need to launch a player or other applications on the side. Your changes are applied immediately!

Disign asset tags campaign digital signage

Tag Management for your media

You can assign tags to your media to include them in your campaign. This feature allows you to create dynamic campaigns, which saves a lot of time. You don't need to edit or republish your campaign. Just add a tag to your media, and your campaign is automatically updated!

  • Time-saving
  • User-friendly
  • User roles management
Disign layouts digital signage


A scenario is composed of a template that can be divided into divisions. Each division can contain a separate playlist. This digital signage feature allows you to divide your screen into multiple display zones, enabling you to show essential information while broadcasting promotional content.

  • Easily divide your screen
  • Integrate a combination of static and dynamic content
  • Combine required and promotional content seamlessly

Manage your screens

Your players are managed centrally, regardless of the hardware used. Disign is hardware-agnostic and can adapt to all types of screens: LCD, LED, OLED, projectors, kiosks, outdoor screens, tablets, kiosks...

  • Live preview (video or screenshot)
  • Actions on your players: Restart, turn off/on the screen, change orientation, synchronize...
  • Manage operating hours
Disign players digital signage players

Sync screens together

Disign's digital signage allows you to display the same content simultaneously on multiple screens while enabling differentiated displays. They are synchronized, allowing you to broadcast the same content or switch from one animation to another screen.

Disign Wall Technology

Create and manage video walls, even those placed next to each other, from a single campaign. Possible configurations: 2x2, 4x4, 2x4, etc. Disign also handles non-linear walls.

Sync distant screens

Synchronize multiple screens that are apart from each other, such as storefront or double-sided screens, for a harmonious and coherent experience.

No loss of resolution

Your screens can leverage their best resolution without being limited by another technology.

Digital signage wall synchronize players, low budget

The static and dynamic scenes

Scenes allow you to create static content and graphics, but their real strength lies in the ability to make all the elements that compose them dynamic. Each Disign application offers dynamic configurations: texts, their colors, and their appearances can be modified dynamically.

Create a scene

Creating a scene starts with a blank canvas or a scene you have duplicated.

Insert your media, applications, and Disign components by simple drag-and-drop.

Elements are presented as layers. Simply change the order to place the element in front or behind.

Disign create scene and design for digital signage
Disign touch app digital signage

Create Touch Applications

Disign was designed from the ground up as a true studio for editing touch applications and digital signage for screens. It allows you to easily switch from a touch application if the screen is in use to digital signage if it is not.

Disign goes well beyond digital signage. Our solution can integrate touch applications with all the features and performance thanks to our SDK for developers, allowing for faster development. The Disign rendering engine also allows for creating custom touch applications without relying on external applications, thanks to the power of scenes.

Yes, Disign is both a digital signage solution and a touch application creation solution. You have everything in 1!

  • Integrate third-party touch applications with our SDK.
  • Create a custom touch application directly in Disign.
  • Enjoy easy communication between touch and "classic" digital signage.

Display your data

Disign supports many database platforms such as MariaDB/MySQL, PostgreSQL, and data sources like CSV files, JSON, XML. Additionally, Disign offers its own database system called Disign DB.

Google Style Sheet

Use Google Style Sheet to synchronize your data.


Export your Excel data to CSV format to synchronize your data.


Use a third-party API to obtain JSON formatted data and use it in your scenes.


Use a third-party API to obtain XML formatted data and use it in your scenes.

Plain text

Use raw text.

Disign DB

Table-type database.

MariaDB/MySQL and PostgreSQL

Use SQL to access SQL databases.

Digital signage data interface mapping menu restaurant
Disign live audio stream digital signage

Disign LIVE Audio

Our Disign LIVE Audio technology allows viewers to hear the sound from the screen without physically activating the volume. By scanning a QR Code, they can listen to the sound from their smartphone.

This technology is ideal for storefront displays or even trade shows!

  • Stream the sound from a screen.
  • Enjoy interview or explanatory videos in a noisy environment.
  • Enjoy the sound from a screen without disturbing the neighbors.
Digital signage branding custom font

Use your own professional fonts

Disign offers advanced management of fonts. You can integrate your own fonts from different sources and use them in your custom content.

Disign allows you to fully respect the graphic charter and typography of your company or your clients.

Manage projects for your organization

Projects are the foundation of an optimized organization and security system in Disign. They allow you to logically group your campaigns, players, media, etc. For example, a communication agency can integrate multiple projects of different organization with appropriate permissions.

With projects, Disign brings a social aspect to the platform, allowing each collaborator and partner to work together.

  • Optimize the management of roles and permissions for your collaborators.
  • Easily dissociate business sectors
  • Invite collaborators from other organizations to participate securely
Disign projects digital signage

Disign is connected: Webhook/API

You are not limited to the Disign ecosystem. Our solution offers you numerous possibilities to retrieve or interact with third-party applications.


You can securely call APIs from Disign, thus retrieving data such as your products and their synchronized images/videos for optimal performance. Furthermore, Disign's Webhooks are also available and integrable into your applications.


Automate your workflows with Disign and Zapier. With Zapier and Disign's webhooks, you can connect Disign to thousands of applications for more efficient management of your digital signage.

Other tools

You can use any tool on the market capable of interacting with Disign's APIs or webhooks. You can also use sensors to trigger requests and call webhooks. There are also alternatives to Zapier.

Disign digital signage animations

Custom animations

Disign Studio offers tools for animation features that meet most needs to animate your content.

Effects, transitions, Disign Studio's scene editor offers a large variety of animation and effect combinations for you to use.

Unleash your imagination!

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