Digital signage in restaurants

Display your menus and attract customers

The Disign digital signage solution modernizes the restaurant's image, attracts customers with attractive promotions, facilitates ordering, and improves the customer experience, thus boosting sales and loyalty.

Digital Signage in Restaurant

Promotion and customization

Menu promotion

Display your menus in an attractive and dynamic way, showcasing your dishes and encouraging customers to order.

Offer customization

Adapt promotions and special offers based on schedules, seasons, or customer preferences, for targeted communication.

Increase in sales

Increase in sales: Boost sales by highlighting popular dishes, daily specials, and house recommendations on digital screens.

Digital signage menu restaurantDigital signage menu restaurant

Simple and easy to update your menus

With Disign scenes, you don't need to change the graphics. Edit the information from an excel or GoogleSheet and everything updates on your screens.

Communication and Advertising

Digital signage is the tool to help you promote menus, special offers, improve the customer experience, inform about events and partnerships.

Local Advertising

Promote local events, partnerships with local producers, or specific offers at each restaurant location.

Cross Promotion

Promote your other restaurants or related services to encourage customers to discover all your offerings.

Food Safety

Inform customers about allergens or important nutritional information regarding dishes through clear and precise displays.

Adaptability to Events

Customize content based on special events or seasonal occasions to create a festive and welcoming atmosphere.

Management and Control

Disign allows you to start with a simple installation and expand it as needed over time.

Centralized Management

Control all screens in your restaurants from a single platform, making content updates easier and ensuring brand consistency.

Real-time Broadcasting

Quickly inform customers of menu changes, new offers, or special events through instant broadcasting.

Cost Reduction

Reduce expenses related to printing menus and advertising posters by switching to digital.

Engage your customers

Disign's features can help you create unique and engaging customer experiences.

Customer interaction

Integrate interactive elements such as surveys or QR codes to encourage customer engagement and gather valuable data.

Enhanced customer experience

Provide an enhanced customer experience by offering clear and attractive information on menus, promotions, and upcoming events.

Queue management

Entertain waiting customers with entertaining or educational content, reducing the perception of waiting time and improving satisfaction.

Digital signage customer restaurant

Analysis and Tracking

Evaluate performance, adjust strategies, maximize advertising efficiency.

Performance Analysis

Monitor solution performance by analyzing data such as sales compared to displayed content.

Reducing Food Waste

Highlight daily specials or promotions on food nearing expiration to reduce food waste and increase sales.

Responsiveness to Feedback

Incorporate customer feedback on menus or services to show that you take into account customer opinions and are responsive to their needs.

Digital signage screen in restanrant

Organization and Brand

Screens enhance brand image by unifying the visual presentation. Digital signage allows you to create a consistent experience. They also reinforce the restaurant's reputation.

Customer Orientation

Guide customers through the restaurant by displaying interactive maps or visual cues to help them find their way.

Brand Consistency

Ensure all your restaurants present a consistent and professional image through consistent content and clear brand guidelines.

Competitive Differentiation

Stand out from the competition by offering an innovative and modern customer experience that will impress customers and encourage them to return.

Brand Reinforcement

Display your logo and brand colors on digital screens to strengthen brand recognition among customers.