Easy digital signage software

Ease of use for a digital signage performance

Benefit from all the performance, tools and features necessary for successful digital signage communication. The ease of use does not detract from the power of Disign for digital signage.

Easy digital signage with Disign

Live preview

In Disign, everything you do is visible live. This is a big help because there is no need to launch a player or anything else on the side. You make a change, it's updated!

Simplicity and Intuitiveness

Why is our Digital Signage Software so easy to use?

The Disign interface is intuitive and ergonomic. It is very easy to get started, as it is accessible to everyone and allows you to quickly manage digital signage on your screens. In addition, Disign is very fast, which brings comfort and efficiency in its use.

From beginner to expert

Disign adapts to your level. You can quickly use the "basic" features of digital signage without any training. Later on, if you want to use more advanced functions such as creating touch applications or any other advanced feature, Disign supports you. You choose what you want to use.


Disign offers simple and fast content creation and management features. You create campaigns with scenarios (playlists) and broadcast them on your screens. Getting started is easy and no in-depth training is required. You are not limited to templates that cannot (or very little) be changed.

Facilitated Programming

Programming in Disign is very simple yet powerful. You manage the broadcast of your scenarios on your screens in a very intuitive way through a calendar. This provides visibility on the display of your content over time.

Guided Tours! (Beta)

You're not sure how to perform an action in Disign. No problem!

Disign Studio integrates interactive Guided Tours that allow you to follow step-by-step instructions to achieve the desired result. If you forgot how to add a video to your campaign, start a guided tour and it will assist you.

To further assist you, the steps in the guided tour are often enhanced with images and videos. This is more effective than searching through documentation or tutorial videos.

Time machine

Travel through time to test your campaigns. To verify that there are no errors in your programming, Disign has a tool that allows you to schedule your campaigns in the future.

Simulate your campaigns in the future and make sure your content will be broadcasted on time.

Benefits for you

Disign is a tool for digital signage that optimizes your time and budget for better results in your internal or external communication.

Easily install

Easy configuration and installation on different types of screens.

Save time

Reduce the time spent managing your digital signage.

Focus on strategy

Focus on your communication goals and marketing strategy.


Optimize your resources and boost your profitability.

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