Digital signage in education

Improve your communication with students

Choose a digital signage solution to modernize communication, engage students, inform instantly, and effectively promote campus events, thereby enhancing the university's image.

Educational Digital signage

Effective communication

Modernize your communication by targeting students, staff, and faculty at the school

Effective communication

The Digital Signage solution offers instant and effective communication. Quickly broadcast crucial information, announcements, and important news to the entire university community.

Promotion of events and activities

Promote campus events, student activities, conferences, and other initiatives. Digital Signage provides increased visibility and encourages participation.

Modernizing the school's image

Enhance the school's image by using modern technology. Digital Signage creates a positive first impression, contributing to the reputation and appeal of the educational institution.

Benefits of the Disign solution

A unique digital signage solution to meet the needs of schools.

Multimedia experience

Enhance the student experience by integrating multimedia content such as promotional videos, teacher interviews, and interactive presentations.

Centralized content management

Control screen content from a centralized location. Simplify the management and updating of information, ensuring consistent communication across the campus.

Customization for departments

Tailor content to meet the specific needs of each department. Customize messages for students, administrative staff, and visitors.

Customize content

Engage students with highly targeted content

Improved student engagement

Attract students' attention with dynamic and appealing visual content. Engaging communication promotes increased interaction and strengthens the sense of community belonging.

Support for educational projects

Use screens to promote educational projects, student achievements, and pedagogical successes. Digital Signage can serve as a platform to recognize and celebrate accomplishments.

Modernization of orientation processes

Facilitate the orientation of new students by providing clear information about campuses, classrooms, and resources. Simplify navigation to enhance the arrival experience.

digital signage education custom data
handle security alert with digital signage education

Security and emergency communication.

Use Digital Signage as an emergency communication tool. Broadcast alerts, safety instructions, and vital information in real-time to enhance facility safety.

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Advanced Use Cases

The possibilities of digital signage with Disign are endless and provide students with information immediately when they need it most.

Special Events

Facilitate the management of special events such as open days, graduation ceremonies, and conferences. Digital Signage can be customized to meet the needs of each event.

Classroom Management

Enhance classroom management by displaying class schedules, room changes, and other relevant information. Facilitate communication between students and teachers.

Various Events

Extend the reach of Digital Signage to outdoor spaces such as amphitheaters, sports fields, and gathering areas. Ensure information remains accessible throughout the campus.

digital signage eduction eco-friendly
Environmental approach

Environment: reduction of printed materials

Reduce dependency on printed materials and contribute to sustainable practices. The transition to Digital Signage reduces paper usage and promotes an environmentally friendly approach.

digital signage saving budget
Optimize communication costs

Reduction in communication expenses

Save on costs related to online communication, traditional media, and printing of paper materials. Digital Signage offers a cost-effective alternative to effectively reach a wide audience.