Affichage dynamique dans le domaine de la santé

Inform and advise your patients

Digital signage improves internal communication by displaying important information. Screens can also guide patients and visitors, reduce waiting times, and modernize the environment.

Digital signage for healthcare
Digital signage promotion healthcare services

Health Promotion

Public Health Promotion

Display educational videos on good health practices, disease prevention, personal hygiene, vaccinations, etc., to raise awareness among patients and visitors.

Treatment Awareness

Provide detailed information on the different treatment options available, the benefits and risks associated, as well as the steps to follow for each treatment.

Service Promotion

Highlight the services offered by the medical facility, such as specialized consultations, emergency services, rehabilitation programs, etc., to encourage their use.

Internal and external communication

Improved internal communication

Use digital signage to broadcast announcements, staff updates, meeting reminders, and other important information within the medical organization.

Broadcasting important information

Display health policies, security procedures, disinfection reminders, infection prevention protocols, hand hygiene guidelines, etc.

Displaying community events

Inform patients about screening programs, vaccination clinics, awareness campaigns, and other locally organized health events.

Message personalization

Adapt the displayed information based on specific service, medical department, or individual patient, providing relevant and targeted information.

Communication digital signage healthcare
Formation Digital Signage

Training and Collaboration

Digital signage with Disign makes training in healthcare settings easier by providing interactive presentations, educational videos, and personalized training modules, improving learning and information dissemination.

Staff Training

Use screens to broadcast training videos, demonstrations of medical procedures, and safety guidelines for medical and administrative staff.

Care Coordination

Use screens to facilitate communication between different healthcare professionals by displaying treatment recommendations.

Patient Feedback Collection

Facilitate the collection of patient feedback through online surveys, feedback forms, and invitations to share their experiences.

Experience patient

Design improves the patient experience by providing intuitive guidance, reducing wait times, and offering personalized information.
The solution provides a positive distraction, thereby enhancing trust and overall satisfaction.

Patient and Visitor Guidance

Use screens to provide clear directions on routes to different services, waiting rooms, departments, registration and consultation areas.

Reducing Wait Times

Display estimated wait times for consultations, emergencies, radiology, etc., as well as real-time updates to inform patients of any delays.

Improving the Patient Experience

Reduce patient anxiety and stress by providing clear and reassuring information, as well as entertaining distractions during wait times.

Management and organization

Appointment management

Display consultation schedules, appointment reminders, pre-consultation instructions, and information about possible delays or cancellations.

Emergency management

Broadcast alerts in case of medical emergencies, safety instructions, evacuation plans, and other important information to ensure the safety of patients and staff.

Internal policies display

Inform patients about the policies and regulations of the medical facility, such as visiting policies, opening hours, privacy rules, etc.

Technology and Sustainability

Digital Signage with Disign makes training in healthcare settings easier by offering interactive presentations.

It also includes educational videos and customized training modules, thereby enhancing learning and information dissemination.

Modernizing the Environment

Integrate digital screens into the interior design of the medical facility to create a modern and professional atmosphere, thus improving the overall patient experience.

Reducing Paper Printing

Reduce costs and environmental impact associated with document printing by replacing paper media with digital screens.

Improving Operational Efficiency

Streamline internal processes by providing automated information and reminders, reducing communication errors, and improving coordination among medical teams.