Digital signage in Manufacturing

Optimize communication and safety in your manufacturing center

Improve internal communication, operations management, and employee safety with a digital signage solution tailored to the needs of your manufacturing center.

Digital signage in manufacturing

Enhanced Communication and Safety

Adopt a Digital Signage solution for a safer and protected manufacturing environment.

Effective internal communication

Broadcast announcements, security updates, and procedure reminders to keep staff informed.

Improvement of company culture

Display company values, employee achievements, and upcoming events to strengthen engagement and cohesion.

Critical information dissemination

Display work schedules, safety instructions, production goals, and other important data.

Improved safety

Broadcast emergency alert messages, safety reminders, and instructions to reduce risks in the workplace.

Production process optimization

Use our Digital Signage solution to increase efficiency and agility in your manufacturing center.

Process optimization

Display key performance indicators (KPIs) in real time to monitor and improve operational efficiency.

Reduced downtime

Display preventive maintenance instructions, maintenance reminders, and equipment status information to minimize production interruptions.

Quality management

Broadcast quality control instructions, test procedures, and reminders to ensure high production standards.

digital signage Optimization process for manufacturing

Team Personalization and Coordination

Integrate a Digital Signage Solution for effective communication and enhanced collaboration within your manufacturing facility.

Message Personalization

Adapt the displayed information based on specific departments, teams, or areas for targeted communication.

Real-Time Data Display

Show real-time data on production, stocks, and performance for more informed decision-making.

Team Coordination

Display assigned tasks, ongoing projects, and collaboration instructions to improve coordination between teams.

Training and Staff Management

Staff Training

Display training videos on new procedures, security techniques, and the use of specific equipment.

Employee Motivation

Display production goals, rewards for outstanding performance, and encouraging messages to boost motivation.

Schedule Management

Display work schedules, team rotations, and availability to facilitate workforce planning.

Formation digital signage manufacturing

Order tracking

Display the status of current orders, delivery times, and product information to ensure efficient order management.

Resource management

Display information on stocks, necessary supplies, and available resources for efficient resource management.

Improving customer communication

Display delivery times, special promotions, and product updates to better serve customers.