Interactivity for digital signage

Design interactive applications for digital signage

Many digital signage systems must be able to interact based on user interactions or external events, while retaining all the power of digital signage.

Digital signage interactive and touch application creation

For all touchscreen devices

Use Disign on all touch-enabled devices. You can use tablets (Android), touchscreen monitors (e.g. IIYAMA), touchscreen tables, kiosks, or stands.

Disign touch menu screen digital signage

Implement interactive actions

You can easily add interactivity. Sometimes, all it takes is to react to a touch event to display alternative content.

For example, in a restaurant, you can switch from a traditional digital signage campaign to a menu in response to user interaction.

There are many use cases and with Disign, you can quickly implement simple solutions.

  • Easily add interactivity
  • Optimize the display time of your content
  • Optimize your screen resources to reduce their environmental impact.

Create any app with code-free features

"There is no compromise to be made between digital signage and touch applications. They coexist and alternate to meet business needs."

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Florent MondoloniCTO at Disign

Simple to Advanced Applications

Want to create a mini-application with navigation and multiple pages? It's easy with Disign.

The more complex your project, the more you will use Disign's advanced features.

If you need a highly sophisticated solution, let's discuss it together!

  • Easily create interactive applications with multiple pages
  • No code required
  • Save time and stay within your budget
Disign touch menu screen digital signage

Interactive editor
Manages all user and external interactions

In no code, events turn into reactive flows to update your campaign!

These events can be clicks, webhooks to trigger alerts or other actions.
Disign Interactivity editor, create fast touch app digital signage

Embark your applications

To fully enjoy the features, Disign allows you to integrate third-party applications. If you have already developed an application or have the necessary resources, you can design it independently and integrate it into Disign. Disign provides SDK to developers to exploit all its possibilities.

You can also integrate your websites into Disign as applications. All these applications are protected by a "sandbox", preventing users from leaving the application by clicking on an external link.

  • Quickly integrate a website
  • Only develop the missing business logic
  • Preserve your treasury from unnecessary and complex developments
Disign embed app screen digital signage

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Our digital signage software, Disign, can help you take advantage of interactivity on your digital signage screens.

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