All-in-one Digital Signage Platform.

Disign is...

A full featured Digital Signage Cloud application

For demanding professionnals

Simple and intuitive

Disign Studio is a full featured digital campaign editor designed with simplicity and efficiency in mind. It is user friendly and very natural to use.

SAAS and 'Cloud Native'

As a SAAS Cloud application, you only need a web browser to manage your digital campaigns and players from everywhere and from any plateform.

Costs under control

Choosing Disign, you make the choice of freedom with no licences costs, no servers, no update fees. You only pay for the players you use.

Large panel of content

Disign supports most popular media contents you can need on a digital signage application, from movies, to weather, RSS feeds or social components.

Player management

Managing your screen network is very straightforward with Disign. You have access to your players setup remotely from Disign Studio.

Plug'n Play

Easy to setup, just install the Disign Player application or plug your Disign Player Box to your screen. And You are ready to go !

Disign, is also...

A large panel of media contents free of use


+ 1,8 millions pictures and videos

Disign gives you a direct access from the application to free pictures and videos banks that enhance quicky your digital campaigns.

+ 40 000 Icons et emoticons

With this huge library of customizable icons and emoticons, Disign will meet all your need.

+ de 1 000 Fonts already available

With more than 1 000 fonts, customize your texts quickly. You can also import your own fonts and comply your corporate typography as sample.

+ 200 animated scenes templates

Disign provides you a large library of animated scenes models with icons and media that you can use and customize to meet your needs.

Disign is...

Compliant with many digital signage platforms

And more...

Samsung Smart Signage Platform for digital signage applications
LG WebOS for digital signage applications
Android for digital signage applications
Samsung TIZEN for digital signage applications
Microsoft Windows for digital signage applications
Disign OS a digital signage operating system for digital signage applications

Disign, What else ?

An innovative digital signage solution

Disign is a perfect combination of last generation Web an IoT applications
based on a cloud computing hosting and performing infrastructure.

Image présentant un spationaute sur la lune pour présenter la performant de  la solution Disign de gestion d'affichages dynamiques

Performance of
A Cloud Application

Enjoy the benefits fo an innovative and performing application, based on a reliable high availability hosting infrastructure to broadcast what you want, when you want, and where you want.

Image de l'application Disign Studio de gestion d'affichages dynamiques et de gestion de campagnes

Creative studio

Let your imagination go ! Disign Studio provides all the tools you need to satisfy your creativity and manage your screen network remotely.

Disign, It is mainly...

Assets that make the difference

Discover three points who, put together,
make Disign a very special application in the extended digital signage application market.

Disign is 'reactive'

Makes dynamic data display easier

More than a simple content management, all Disign components are natively managed dynamically. Your campaigns and animations become reactives to incoming data, and your contents are auto-updated without the need to change or edit them.

Image Disign solution de gestion d'affichages dynamiques réactive

Disign is 'interactive'

Designed with interactivity in mind

Your campaigns react to any kind of incoming and outgoing events. Disign makes your campaigns interactive and automatically adjusted in realtime. Special contents can be displayed or third party applications can be launched within your campaigns on all the display surface or just a part of it.

Image Disign solution de gestion d'affichages dynamiques interactive

Disign is 'Cloud Native'

Ultra high availability and realiability

Hosting resources requirements for a professional digital signage solution can be huge. Especially if we consider rich media content broadcast carried out on a giant screen network or other display devices.
To meet this needs, Disign rely on a 100% on measure cloud computing hosting infrastructure to supply a performing service, reliable and high availability.

Image Disign solution de gestion d'affichages dynamiques en Cloud

Logo Disign

With Disign, broadcast what you want, when you want and where you want!

Disign is a Cloud dynamic display digital signage solution designed by IPsylone SARL.

Disign the digital signage solution made in France


Logo French Tech Aix Marseille

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