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Disign is the best all-in-one platform for digital signage

Enjoy the ultimate digital signage solution with centralized screen management, accessible anywhere. Disign offers advanced customization and can adapt to all use cases.

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Easily program your contents

Disign allows you to easily schedule and broadcast your contents and campaigns on all your screens. To avoid any errors and enhance security, Disign has a publication workflow.

Ease of use

We are committed to providing you with powerful and easy-to-use software.With Disign, ease of use does not mean a lack of functionality!

Benefit from an ergonomic interface

Intuitive and user-friendly interface for easy management of campaigns and screens.

Simple content creation tools

Create, edit, and schedule your contents with ease.

Easy customization

Our Disign solution allows you to quickly adapt content according to your specific needs and the requirements of your target audience.


We are here to listen to you and evolve Disign according to your needs.

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A profitable investment

Economical and accessible solution for all budgets

Flexible pricing

Benefit from a flexible and evolving pricing according to your needs. You get a 28-day free trial. Choose the number of licenses that matches your number of screens and desired features.

Excellent value for money

You benefit from software that supports you according to your needs. From simple display and scheduling to advanced connected touchscreen applications. You can do it all with Disign.

Cost reduction

Reduces costs associated with traditional advertising, such as printing brochures and billboards, while offering increased visibility.

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Solution compatible
with all types of screens and supports

Our Disign digital signage software offers an optimal user experience on all screens and for all budgets.

Hardware-agnostic solution

Compatibility with a wide range of display equipment, including LCD screens, LED panels, projectors, interactive kiosks, etc.

It can be deployed anywhere

Support for major operating systems and web browsers for a consistent user experience across different platforms.

Economical solution accessible to all budgets

Adapt your solution to your specific needs and budget.

Adapts to your infrastructure

Benefit from great installation and usage flexibility.

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Broadcast real-time
and targeted information

Disign offers all the essential features for digital signage, but also provides all the tools to be responsive to external data sources.

Numerous Applications

Display news, events, promotions, and weather information.

Publish from one place to all your screens

Customize your messages based on location, profile, and interests of your customers.

Your communication is quick

Update your content in real time for responsive communication.

Broadcast worldwide

Disign's centralized management allows you to control your screen network in different time zones from the Disign Studio interface.

Centralized Management

Cloud-based platform enabling centralized management of multiple screens and locations from a single dashboard.

Broadcast everywhere

Advanced scheduling features to schedule and broadcast content based on specific time slots and geographic conditions.

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Security and Reliability

Role and permission management in Disign to handle sensitive data and ensure confidentiality.

Redundancy and regular local backups to ensure continuous service availability, even in case of failure or disaster. Offline operation.

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We are committed to providing you with powerful and easy-to-use software.
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