Disign Developers Tools to create or embed digital signage applications

Tools for developers

Disign is primarily a No Code platform, which means that everyone can use it. However, our solution also provides tools for developers, allowing for even more advanced customization.

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Code editor

Develop or integrate your applications

Are you developers, do you want to integrate a specific application from your company and broadcast it in your digital communication campaigns?

With Disign nothing's easier. You have access to many tools including a code editor to develop or integrate your own applications. Also, you can rely on Disign technical support at any time.

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Disign SDK
Integrate your web applications

With Disign SDK, it becomes easy to integrate a web application into the Disign digital signage management solution and communicate with it via a rich API.

This allows any company to broadcast and display their applications within their digital campaigns while setting their display conditions (e.g. 1 touch on the screen, 1 click on a banner, etc...).

  • Enjoy all the features
  • Integrate any Web application

Data interface editor
Communicate with other tools via an API

With the power and flexibility of data interfaces, you can retrieve and display a variety of data sources. Disign supports a wide range of formats, such as HTTP requests, SQL databases, as well as files in XML, JSON, CSV, and plain text format.

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Webhooks for Disign

Disign offers a secure solution for calling APIs, allowing the integration of data such as product information, along with synchronized images and videos for optimal efficiency.

Disign's Webhooks are also available, integrable into your applications to automate your processes. By using Disign with Zapier, you can connect your digital signage to thousands of other applications, simplifying the management of your campaigns.

  • Create static webhooks or with dynamic "payloads."
  • Call these webhooks from any application, whether it's a website's back office or your business software, for example.
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