Digital signage in offices

Optimize your Internal communication and your productivity

Improve internal communication, employee engagement, and overall efficiency of your company with our Digital Signage Disign solution.

Digital signage in offices

What are the benefits?

Digital Signage offers a dynamic platform to improve communication, employee engagement, and operational efficiency in offices.

Digital signage in offices

Broadcasting crucial information

Broadcast important information such as project updates, key performance indicators (KPIs), management announcements, etc., helping to keep all staff informed.

Queue management

In reception areas or customer service zones, Digital Signage can be used to display information about queues, estimated wait times, and welcome messages, thereby enhancing the customer experience.

Displaying real-time data

Integrating real-time data such as performance indicators, weather updates, news, or event calendars can provide relevant information to employees.

Brand consistency

Digital Signage allows for consistent visual communication in terms of branding. This can strengthen the company's identity and create a uniform visual experience across different office spaces.

Training and awareness

Screens can be used for internal training by displaying tutorials, process information, or helpful tips. They can also be used to raise awareness among employees on specific issues, such as workplace safety.

Flexibility and responsiveness

Remote content management allows for total flexibility. In case of last-minute changes or new information to be communicated, the content can be quickly and reactively modified.

Paper reduction

By adopting Digital Signage, companies can reduce their reliance on paper for internal announcements, physical notice boards, and printed documents, thus contributing to more sustainable practices.

Motivation and recognition

Digital Signage screens can also be used to display recognition messages, team achievements, and other motivating content, thereby helping to create a positive work environment.

Boost your internal communication

You can create a more dynamic, informed, and engaging work environment.
This improves internal communication and employee satisfaction.

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Modern and Innovative Image

Integrating Digital Signage helps create a modern and innovative image of the company, demonstrating its commitment to technology and employee well-being.

Adaptability to Agile Workspaces

In agile work environments where office layouts may change frequently, Digital Signage offers a flexible visual communication solution that can be adapted to different space configurations.

Centralized Management

Digital Signage allows for centralized content management, making it easier to simultaneously update multiple screens from a single interface, whether for a single office or multiple sites.

Meeting Management

Meeting rooms equipped with Digital Signage can display meeting schedules, room reservations, and even information about participants. This facilitates meeting management and optimizes the use of workspaces.

Personalization for Teams

Individual teams can benefit from personalized content on Digital Signage screens. For example, a sales team can display its performance, while a development team can showcase its key projects.

Company Events Announcements

Internal event announcements, such as company parties, workshops, or seminars, can be effectively promoted through Digital Signage. This helps increase event participation and awareness.

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Content Flexibility for Different Departments

Different departments may have specific communication needs. Digital Signage offers the ability to customize content to meet the unique requirements of each department, from HR to production to marketing.

Reduction of Printing Costs

By reducing the need to print physical documents, posters, or bulletin boards, Digital Signage can significantly reduce printing-related costs.

Alignment with Company Culture

The content displayed on Digital Signage can be aligned with the company culture, promoting a consistent atmosphere and a positive work experience.

Promotion of Sustainable Initiatives

Digital Signage can serve as a platform to promote sustainable initiatives and environmentally friendly practices within the company, encouraging a culture of corporate responsibility.

Workspace Navigation and Information

Digital Signage screens can be used to display workspace layouts, information on meeting room locations, collaboration areas, and other internal services, making navigation easier for employees and visitors.

Employee Engagement

Interactive or eye-catching screens grab employees' attention, which can promote better engagement. Visual messages, videos, real-time dashboards, and interactive content can create a more stimulating environment.

Interactive screens allow employees to actively participate by responding to surveys, exploring interactive content, or accessing specific information on demand. This promotes engagement and interaction within the team.

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Get started easily with your data

Digital signage becomes a versatile tool that goes beyond simple information dissemination to contribute to corporate culture, operational efficiency, and employee engagement. The key lies in customizing content to meet the specific needs of the organization.

Integration with productivity tools

Some Digital Signage systems can be integrated with existing productivity tools such as corporate calendars, project management platforms, or messaging systems, enabling smoother communication.

Productivity management

Productivity dashboards, performance indicators, and real-time updates can be displayed on Digital Signage screens, allowing teams to track their performance and stay focused on goals.

Change management

During organizational changes, Digital Signage can be used to proactively communicate updates, strategic objectives, and benefits of forthcoming changes.

Promoting innovation

Digital Signage screens can serve as a platform to promote innovative ideas, collaborative projects, and continuous improvement opportunities within the company.

Internal communication
serving your employees

Human resources management

Digital Signage screens can be used to broadcast information related to human resources, such as internal job postings, social benefits, training programs, and employee birthdays and achievements celebrations.

Highlighting team achievements

Screens can be used to highlight team accomplishments, completed projects, and goals achieved, reinforcing a sense of pride and camaraderie within the team.

Health and well-being information

Screens can be used to broadcast information on employees' health and well-being, including nutritional tips, exercise reminders, and announcements related to well-being initiatives.

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Security and emergencies

In case of emergency, Digital Signage can be used to broadcast important messages and safety instructions. This helps quickly inform all staff about evacuation procedures or other safety measures.

You can also display company maps to guide to the exit.

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