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Digital signage is a growing market and the number of screens is multiplying, ranging from LCD, OLED, mini LED screens to LED screens and projectors. In addition, many sectors are turning to digital internal and external communication.

Join a fast-growing market!

Integrate your own services

Improve your conversion rate

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Conquer new markets

Associate Disign with your know-how to offer new services and win new markets.

Disign is an exceptional application platform capable of meeting ultra-specific needs.

A powerful and highly efficient tool for digital signage management. A solid and comprehensive foundation on which you can rely and build upon to add your own services, integrate your own applications, and all your added values to offer them to your clients or win new ones.

  • Propose new digital services
  • Increase customer value
  • Evolving market: Your clients may require more screens and associated services over time.

Who is our partner program for?

Disign is the ideal solution for any business looking to expand its customer base with new services, by working on new digital communication media, while leveraging its own skills and expertise.

Sellers and audiovisual integrators

Do you sell and install audiovisual equipment relying on display devices? Offer Disign to your clients! Benefit from a solution that is as easy to install as it is to implement.

App developers

Focus on the business aspect of your applications and rely on Disign to distribute them within a comprehensive solution for managing dynamic display campaigns.

Advertising agencies

With Disign Adooh, take advantage of an application designed for advertising agencies and fully tailored to facilitate the broadcast of promotional messages on screen networks.

Global communication agencies

Offer recurring services to retain your clients and continuously animate their sales spaces, public areas, or occasionally events, exhibitions, effortlessly.

Our pricing plan for partners

You can get full access by selecting your plan!

You can sell Disign licenses at retail price, or you can package them with offers including your services. For instance, you can propose your services to manage your clients' screens.

Free 28-day trial

Take advantage of the Disign reseller platform and easily manage your clients.

$99 /Mois

Annual payment (free 28-day trial)

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What's included:
Save 20% on each license
Reseller platform
Manage your clients
Unlimited users

Why choose the digital signage solution Disign?

Set yourself apart

Disign is an absolutely unique application in the market. The possibilities offered by our solution will allow you to stand out significantly from the competition.

Boost productivity

Disign is designed to address many complex needs simply. By effectively meeting these needs, you free up time and resources to dedicate to acquiring new clients.

Build customer loyalty

Disign enables you to efficiently and cost-effectively meet your clients' needs, thereby fostering a climate of trust for a future rich in collaborations and various services.

Integrate your applications

Your company or your client wants to broadcast an application on a screen network as part of a digital communication campaign? You're in the right place; it's one of the easiest things to achieve with Disign.

Experts at your service

Our primary business is developing the best future-proof digital signage management application. Our experts are available to support you and make Disign the best choice to meet your needs or those of your clients.

Why choose the Disign app
to generate revenue?

Thanks to its advanced features, Disign is your best ally to succeed in the digital signage and communication market, whose annual growth is almost 20%.

Increase your conversion rate

With its unique features in the market, ease of implementation, and controlled cost, you will significantly increase your prospect-to-client conversion rate.

Gain efficiency

The relevance of Disign's features makes many developments unnecessary. You instantly meet your clients' needs at minimal cost, thereby reinforcing your efficiency while enhancing their loyalty.

Integrate your own services

Digital communication spans a wide range of professions. From marketing or advertising consulting firms to graphic designers, developers, photo/video/3D studios... Disign is for you, no matter your profession.

Outsource and save time

By relying on the Disign solution, you can fully dedicate yourself to your core business by outsourcing anything time-consuming that already exists to save time and be more efficient.

Save money

Disign is developed based on the golden rule in computing: 'Don't reinvent the wheel!' By integrating Disign with your services or applications, you will save on development costs while benefiting from a scalable solution.

Interested in learning more?

Looking to enter the digital signage market and in need of an innovative digital signage management solution? Disign is the right choice for you!